IKAL...М... Multitube all dielectric self-supporting optical fibre cable

This type of outdoor cables is designed for aerial installation, it can be suspended between buildings, on posts and masts of communication lines and power lines with the maximum value of the electric field potential of 12 kw and 25 kw. The outer sheath is UV-resistant and at the same time provides protection against environmental influences, such as snow, ice, sun insolation and wind.

In accordance with the customer requirements additional parameters of the cables can be implemented:

- tracking resistance up to 25 kw; cable identification:  IKAT-...  .

- lightweight construction (without intermediate coating); cable identification:  IKAL-...  .

Cable type IKAL…М…
Construction модульная
Maximum number of optical fibres in the cable 144
Number of tubes stranded around central strength member 4-12
Minimum outer diameter, mm 10,4
Minimum weight, kg/км 90
Minimum long-term tension, кN 1,0
Minimum crush resistance, kN/cm 0,3
Minimum allowed impact resistance, J 5
Minimum bending radius 20 Ø 
Operating temperature range, °С from -60 to + 70
Minimum Installation temperature, °С -10

IK – INTEGRA-CABLE optical fibre cable
F – Armoured with aramid yarns
L – lightweight construction, without intermediate coating
М – multitube construction
6 – number of tubes stranded around central strength member
P – central strength member type (fiberglass rod)
А – optical fibre type (single-mode, ITU-T G.652.С(D))
36 – number of optical fibres in the cable
27.0 – maximum tension allowed, kN

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