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IK…М… Multitube optical fibre cable for pipe installation

INTEGRA optical fibre cables are designed for the installation in telecommunicational networks. This type of cables can be installed in ducts, over the bridges and overpasses, in pipes (air-blowing), in tunnels, in sewer ducts, in tunnels, inside buildings. 

Optical fibre cables for the installation in plastic pipes IK... are produced according to TS № 3587–004–95485862–2009.

Special characteristics of optical fibre cables:
Fire-resistant — IKN–…; IKNng(С)… .

Extra moisture protection (with double plastic-coated aluminium sheath) - IKZ-... .

Cable type IK…-М…
Consrtuction  Multitube
Maximum number of optical fibres in the cable 288
Number of tubes around the central strength member 4-24
Minimum outer diameter, mm 6
Minimum weight, from, kg/кm 31
Minimum long-term tension, кN 1,5
Minimum crush resistance, kN/cm 0,3
Minimum allowed impact resistance, J 5
Minimum bending radius 20 Ø OD
Operating temperature range, °С from -50 to + 50
Minimum Installation temperature, °С -10


IK – INTEGRA-CABLE optical fibre cable
М – multitube construction
6 – number of tubes stranded around the central strength memeber
P – central strength member type (fiberglass rod)
А – optical fibre type (single-mode, ITU-T G.652.С(D))
24 – number of optical fibres in the cable
1.7 – maximum tension allowed, kN

  • There is a possibility to increase the numder of fibres in the cable by implementing a multi-stranded loose tube construction
  • The operating temperature range can be extended from –60°С to +70°С.
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