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Arial (Figure 8)

IК/D …T… Aerial self-supporting (Fig.8) central tube optical fibre cable with dielectric messenger

NTEGRA optical fibre cables of IКA/D... type are used for freely suspended installation on posts and masts of power and information lines with a maximum value of the electric field potential to 12kV and 25 kV.

Tracking-resistant construction of the cable (IKAT/D-...) is installed when the possible exposure to increased electromagnetic up to 25 kV is expected.

Cable type identification IК/D…-Т…
Construction central tube
Maximum number of optical fibres in the cable 488
Number of tubes stranded around central strengnt member 1
Outer diameter, mm 6,6/15,7
Minimum weight, kg/кm 85
Minimum long-term tension, кN 3,0 
Minimum allowed crush resistance, кN/сm 0,3
Minimum impact resistance, J 5
Minimum bending radius 20 Ø 
Operating temperature range, °С from -60 to + 70
Minimum installation temperature, °С -30


IK – INTEGRA-CABLE optical fibre cable

/D – dielectric messenger (fiberglass rod)
Т – central tube construction
А – optical fibre type (single-mode, ITU-T G.652.С(D))
12 – number of optical fibres in the cable
4.0 – maximum tension allowed, kN

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