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IKB...M Multitube optical fibre cable for buried installation


INTEGRA optical fibre cables are designed for installation in different invironments of telecommunicational networks. Range of application: in the ground, rivers crossings, in bogs to the depth of 2 meters, in ducts, over the bridges and overpasses, in tunnels, in sewer ducts, inside buildings. 

Special characteristics of optical fibre cables:

Fire-resistant — IKBN… (for installation in tunnels, sewer ducts, inside buildings);

Improved moisture protection (with plastic-coated aluminium tape) — IKBZ… .

Double armour-coating of steel wires  — IKB2…– M…This construction can be installed in the grounds of all categories (when low-temperature deformations are possible).


Cable type IKB…М…
Construction multitube
Number of optical fibres in the cable to 576
Number of tubes around central strength member 4-36
Minimum outer cable diameter, mm 11,3
Minimum weight, kg/km 200
Minimum long-term tension, kN 2,5
Minimum crush resistance, kN/cm 0,4

Minimum allowed impact resistance, J.

Minimum bending radius 20 Ø OD
Operating teperature range, °С from -50 to +50
Minimum Installation temperature, °С - 30



IK– INTEGRA-CABLE optical fibre cable
B – armoured (stranded steel wires)
М – multitube construction
6 – number of tubes stranded around the central strength memeber
P – central strength member type (fiberglass rod)
Н – optical fibre type (single-mode, ITU-T G.655)
36 – number of optical fibres in the cable
8.0 – maximum tension allowed, kN

  • There is a possibility to increase the numder of fibres in the cable by implementing a multi-stranded loose tube construction
  • The operating temperature range can be extended from –60°С to +70°С.
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