IKCL...–Т... Central tube optical fibre cable without intermediate coating for duct installation (lightweight construction)

INTEGRA optical fibre cables are designed for installation in telecommunicational networks. This type of cables can be buried in the grounds of the 1-3 groups, installed in ducts, over the bridges and overpasses, in tunnels, in sewer ducts, inside the buildings. 

When installed in sewer ducts, in tunnels and inside buildings the outer sheath of the cables should be produced of the flame-proof materials (IKCN, IKCLN, IKCLng) also smoke-free and halogen-free materials (IKCLng(B)-HF).

Optical fibre cables for the installation in ducts IKC... are produced according to TS № 3587–004–95485862–2009.
Special characteristics of optical fibre cables:
Lightweight construction (without intermediate coating) — IKCL–… .
Fire-resistant — IKCN–…; IKCLN–(IKSLng(С), IKCLng(В)-HF)… .

Cable type IKCL…-Т…
Construction  central tube
Maximum number of optical fibres in the central tube 48
Number of tubes 1
Minimum outer diameter, from, mm 8,9
Minimum weight, kg/кm 90
Minimim long-term tension, kN 1,5
Minimum crush resistance, kN/cm 0,3
Minimum impact resistance, J 10
Minimum bending radius 20 Ø OD
Operating teperature range, °С from-50 to +50
Minimum Installation temperature, °С -30


IK – INTEGRA-CABLE optical fibre cable
С – armoured with double plastic-coated corrugated steel tape
L – without intermediate coating (lightweigt construction)
Т – central tube
А – optical fibre type(single-mode , ITU-T G.652.С(D))
16 – number of optical fibres in the cable
2.5 – maximum tension allowed, kN

  • The operating temperature range can be extended from –60°С to +70°С.
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